Production and quality control

Following Traditional Manufacture Technique
Combing modern pharmaceutical technology with traditional TCM decoction method, the basic principles are as follows based on traditional TCM healthy theory;
Adopt Chinese medicinal well prepared herbs as raw materials.
Extract with water, realized decocting first, decocting later, mild fire, flaming fire etc. through making use of different equipments and conditions.
Full ingredients extraction
No sugar, moisture-proof agent, preservatives, flavoring agent in finished products.

Advanced technology is used for manufacturing some special items:
For those herbs whose active ingredient is water insoluble such as Danshen, Danggui and Jianghuang etc., use supercritical CO2 to extract oily ingredients then decoct to make its active ingredients be fully extracted.
Adopt superfine pulverization technique for manufacturing those common use powder medicines like Sanqi, Wugong and Quanxie etc.

All in all, through the application of above manufacturing technology, the concentrated granules not only keep the genuine flavor and taste of herbs but also improve their quality and efficacy.

Production process and quality inspection link Figure



 Quality management in strict accordance with the national requirements of GMP, using modern fingerprint analysis technology, from raw materials, intermediate products to the quality control for the whole process of finished products.
For those common use herbs like Huangqi, Danggui and Dangshen, we do detailed researches about their original growing places and fixed high grade planting bases, therefore made the fixed places purchasing realized.
According to requirements of Chinese Pharmacopeia, we carry out the tests of identification, true or fake identification, active ingredient content, heavy metal, pesticide residue and aflatoxin and SO2.

We do the test of toxin limitation for some herbs which contain toxin ingredients.

Heavy metal, pesticide residue and content test were made for semifinished product of extract powder. 




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